Fairy FAQ

Often leading up to the big day you may still have a few questions.
We have included a few of the most frequently asked questions to help you in your party planning.

Why choose Fairy Crystal & friends?

With over 22 years experience entertaining children we absolutely LOVE what we do.
With thousands of delighted parents singing our praises across Sydney we have gone to great lengths to source Sydney’s finest actors, graduates of NIDA, WAPA, the Actors Centre and entertainers who have even worked at Disneyland! Our talented and experienced entertainers are selected and trained in their party ways by Fairy Crystal the business owner, mother of two and a seasoned party entertainer for 11 years. Her hands-on experience and attention to detail is second to none in the industry. We take pride in our parties understanding exactly what is needed to make your party a standout success. Our costumes are handmade and meticulously maintained ensuring your entertainer looks as beautiful and true to character as possible. Our party gifts and facepaints are of the highest quality and with a list of high profile actors and A List celebrities and companies among our clientele, Fairy Crystal & friends deliver an exceptional service every time.
We understand the anticipation and excitement children (and parents) experience in the lead up to their birthday party (often a year in the making) and in 22 years of parties we are proud to say that we have NEVER cancelled a party. The truth is we have helped more families than we can count when other companies cancel at the last minute. It's a big call to make but we would never do this. We take parties seriously and know how much time effort and money goes into the day. Cancelling is not an option for us.
All our staff have working with children checks and are covered by indemnity insurance.

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When can the children eat?

Depending on the length of your party and the time of day, you may like to offer some food before your entertainer arrives, and again at the end whilst enjoying birthday cake. Of course if you would like the children to eat during the party program, about 1 hour into the party we break for face painting which is also a good time to offer food and drink.

What do we need to provide for the entertainer?

Aside from the children’s food and the birthday cake there really is very little else you need to provide. A safe cleared space inside or out is best so that games and activities can run smoothly.If hosting the party outdoors please ensure some shade is provided. If parents will be at the party, please ensure their chatter is kept to a minimum, or set aside a separate space for your entertainer and the children to play. After all fairies and princesses should never need to yell!

What do boys think of fairies?

They love us! After all, who wouldn’t if you play games, offer presents, twist balloons, paint your face and make you laugh? As long as they know no one is calling them a fairy, all is just fine. Perhaps if you have children 6 years and up attending you may want to look at a different character eg.mermaid party where boys can be pirates .

Can babies and toddlers join in?

Of course, but please keep in mind that we are hired to entertain the children not baby sit. If young children will be at the event we ask that they are never left without adult supervision.

What do we do if we're expecting more than 25 children?

Our party prices are a flat rate for a maximum of 20 children. More than that incurs a small additional fee of $5 per head. Groups larger than 25 require a second at an additional cost. This is to ensure the party continues to run smoothly and no one misses out on activities like face painting. Please see Party info & prices page. Also see our Fairy Conditions page.

When do we bring out the cake?

Of course this program is all very flexible and your wishes are paramount but if asked we think birthday cake works well at the end of the program. It takes the attention off the entertainer leaving and allows the children some time to eat and enjoy their cake without feeling rushed before they too say their goodbyes.

When should the entertainer arrive?

At least 15 to 30 mins after the guests have been invited. As we all know, guests can often run a little late. Allowing the children time to arrive and settle in before the entertainment begins always works well and ensures no one feels left out of the fun. It is also a lovely opportunity for the birthday girl to welcome her guests and receive and thank them for their present.

Why do you ask on the booking form if we are having a jumping castle at the party?

We want your party to be a success as much as you do. Offering children too many choices at a party isn’t always the best idea as it can often divide the group. The noise from the motor teamed with the screaming from those jumping on the bouncy jumping castle can detract from the magical atmosphere and ambience the entertainer is creating. Those wanting to play with the entertainer can’t as they can hardly hear her over the noise from the jumping castle. Unless your venue is large enough to have both we strongly suggest to do one or the other to avoid such a situation. One compromise we have seen work well is when families have a deflatable castle. This option works well as you choose when it goes up and when it comes down. For example It can be up as guests arrive then let down when we are entertaining with games and storytelling and drawing and then re-inflated towards the end when face painting is taking place giving the children an activity to do whilst their friends are being painted. Please note these suggestions are for smaller more intimate birthday parties. Fetes and fairs and large corporate events are a different set up entirely so don’t pose a problem at all.